1:1 Coaching

Helping international students secure jobs in UK

Become a true Cheetah with 1:1 Career Coaching Package!

The VIP Coaching Program provides 1:1 Support with one of our experienced coaches within the industry, taking you through;

  •  Career Planning Session
  •  CV & Cover Letter Clinic
  •  Applications Review
  •  Test Support: Numerical, Verbal & Case Study Questions
  •  Mock Interview Practice
  •  Mock Case Study Training: Market Sizing, Business and Creative
  •  Final Stage: Presentation and Interview
  • Networking & Mentoring (Dependent on Industry)

We design individual packages focusing areas you are struggling with. In the last 3 years, we pride ourselves on a 90% Success Rate* in our Program.

*Dependent on student or graduate having over one year left on their current visa.